Nike Just Do It Campaign

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Nike “Just Do It” Campaign
Meaghan Carter-Morris
Valdosta State University

The campaign I decided to research was the “Just Do It” campaign done by Nike. Named after the Greek goddess of victory, it is no surprise that Nike has been one of the most successful sports apparel franchises in history. The brand was born through the collaboration of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and Blue Ribbon Sports associate Phil Knight. Seeking a profitable career without giving up his love for sports, Phil Knight ventured out into the field entrepreneurship by taking a trip to Japan upon graduating college. It was there he came across the Tiger brand running shoe. Impressed with the style and low cost, Knight had a few pair shipped to his home in
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Battle Cries have a call to action and are 'sticky ' because of words or phrases that are unexpected and memorable. 'Just Do It ' is the articulation of Nike 's brand personality to this day “Just Do It,” essentially implies that the individual consumer possess a certain level of responsibility or control. It was reported that during a meeting, Dan Wieden complimented Nike for its can-do attitude saying; "You Nike guys, you just do it." Studies also state that Nike 's "Just Do It" slogan is probably "one of the most inspirational brand statements of all time." “Just do it,” is also a phrase that can be used to describe taking charge of something. This overlaps the concepts we learned in Chapter 7 about Heider’s Interpersonal Impression Formation and Attribution. As human beings, we tend to justify our behavior with external or internal factors. The book also refers to these as locus of control. Nike capitalized on America’s fitness craze by making fitness an internal factor as opposed to external. The title of the campaign itself implies that instead of waiting for the “right” conditions, making fitness a priority is a personal decision. In 2007, Nike released a commercial supporting this campaign entitled Awake. The entire commercial took the viewers on a journey through the morning rituals of different athletes. Every athlete woke up right before the sun rose to begin their training. The commercial was high energy and the intent to motivate the viewer to strive
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