Nike Labor Abuse

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Nike is one of the top sports clothing industry in the world. However, for years there are fresh allegation for Nike, which dogged by sweatshops and child labour (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011). On the 13 July 2011, Nike has revealed several cases of worker abused at factory.
In the year of 2011, the workers from the Pou Chen Group factory in Sukabumi, Indonesia has spoken out the happening of worker abused within the factory. They said they are being abused physically and mentally (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011). The article reported that the abuse toward the workers, including being slapped and kicked by supervisor and thrown the shoes at them as well as called them dog and pigs (, 2011).
The occurrence of abuse among the contractors has admitted by Nike Company. However, Nike Company declares that there was little it could do to cease it. In March and April in the year of 2011, the Associated Press (AP) interviewed the dozens of workers that work for the contractor factories. At the Pou Chen plant which operate by the Taiwanese in Sukabumi, a supervisor has kicked out one of the female worker due to the mistake she made while cutting rubber for soles. The woman said they are no autonomy in making the rational decision to speak out the fact or truth (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011).
Pou Chen is situated in an unsophisticated city where the
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It found that the abusive treatment to the worker happen in many of the Nike plant. Also, the complaints made by the worker ranged from workweeks which is more than 60 hours to being forbidden to bath. The investment on the training of the manager has implemented heavily by the Beaverton, Oregon-based company in order to reinforce the ability in monitoring closely of the company activities (Daily Mail Reporter,
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