Nike: Marketing And Customer Needs Of Nike

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The company I am presenting is Nike which was founded in 1965 by the athlete Phil Knight. Nike is a well known brand which is selling its products worldwide and has 36% of the market share.

I. Understanding customers needs
Understanding customer needs will help Nike to define new market opportunities and drive innovation and revenue growth in every aspect of its organisation. The most basic concept underlying marketing is that of human needs. Human needs are states of felt deprivation (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). Customer logic is derived from evaluation of a company and its product based upon customer needs, customer benefits, and product features. For branded athletic shoes, Nike has to understand customer needs on a global level as the products are sold
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As their products are not so different, Nike differentiated itself by creating and marketing well designed athletics and non-athletic footwear and clothing. The company managed to distinguish and establish its products by using a different marketing approach from its competitors and by improving its brand identity and consumer awareness. However, in 2006, its two rivals merged to get a 22% market share while Nike had 36%. The organisation, then, developed a new strategy to get ahead its rivals. They coupled sport icons such as Michal Jordan to endorse the brand and it was such a success that they decided to use Tiger Woods, the no.1 golf player, to introduce its new golf apparel and equipment. The association of a motivational slogan "Just Do It" with athletes that emphasize competition, fitness and sportsmanship, helped the company to position its product on the market as being of high-quality. The advantage Nike has is the competitors' incapacity of replicating its quality products and benefits. Moreover, the company is always trying to introduce new product in the market which help them staying ahead while giving a positive
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