Nike Marketing Mix Essay

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Nike is probably the most well known name in sports athletic apparel. The firm has supported the most prolific names and sports. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Ken Griffey Jr, are just a few of the athletes that Nike sponsors. The company’s revenue constantly grosses in the billions. The company continues to dominate the athletic apparel industry.
Nike was established in 1957 by a coach and an athlete. The two went on to establish the most successful footwear company in the world. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight are the two founders.“The company arrived at the name from the Greek Goddess of victory”
Nike began to sponsor the top athletes in the world of sports. Nike pursued the likes of athletes such as Carl Lewis and Michael Jordan. Nike Company topped the 107 billion-dollar mark in 1986. The
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Although the company has a large product mix, its revenues are still heavily dependent on its share of the footwear market. This may leave it vulnerable if, for any reason, the market share erodes.
-Nike is constantly going to be a leader in the athletic apparel department. The company continues to have the most attractive advertising and it also continues to attract the best athletic clientele in all aspects of sports. Nike is still considered to be the top company in the footwear competition. The company’s numbers are constantly increasing. The price of the stock may fall, but the liabilities and total income continues to rise. This is a reason that Nike is still considered to be one of the healthiest companies in the athletic business.
Looking at Nike’s financial numbers shows that the company is not only a top choice in the general public’s eye, but also to many investors. Nike is a company that an investor would find very attractive. It is a company that has high revenue numbers each year and is established. When thinking about what to do about a Nike stock, Just Do
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