Nike, Mission, Vision, Values, Principles Essay

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NIKE, Inc. Mission, Vision, Principles
Ameirah Aldahmani
MSM631 – Strategic Management and Financial Reports Analysis
Regis University
Saturday, September 04, 2010

This paper is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of NIKE, Inc., done as six separate sections. The six sections of the project are external environment analysis, S.W.O.T analysis, executive interview, strategic and tactical plans and controls, structure, culture, and leadership style, and quantitative analysis.

NIKE, Inc. is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world. It employs more than 33,000 people, internationally. Nike sells products in more than 180
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Innovation is at the core of NIKE, Inc.’s business growth strategy. Nike focuses on creating the world’s most innovative products for consumers across the globe. This same determination is driving change in how Nike approaches corporate responsibility in today’s market. (NIKE-FY07-09, 2010)
Nike understands this work can't be done alone and places importance on the value of collaboration; thus, Nike made an agreement with The Natural Step, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to education and research in sustainable development, to help create its future vision. The Natural Step and Nike have been working together to create a more sustainable future for 10 years and Nike's progress has been marvelous. (NIKE-FY07-09, 2010)
To conclude, I believe Nike follows its defined mission, vision and values. Over the last three years, Nike has used the insights it has gained from its experience with innovation to experiment with innovative sustainability solutions, including its Considered Design Ethos, which has enormous potential to drive sustainability best practices throughout NIKE, Inc. and its industry. (NIKE-FY07-09, 2010)
Most importantly, Nike has continued to push further into upstream decision making, understanding that the more combined sustainable thinking is at the point of strategic intent, the greater the impact. Today sustainability is a
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