Nike Organization Management Report : Nike Company

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Nike Organization Management Report
Organizations cultures are essential elements for the sake of management. Whereas on its own cannot be active in the running and management of the cooperate, other components such as management styles, technology, organization size and market demand must be combined to make cooperate management easy. Nike Company administrative unit though has complicated structure format; their competent managers have what it takes to balance variables within its management circles and bring about stability within itself. The paper studies how various organization factors of market demand, management style, and organization culture affects the running of Nike Company operation.
The paper’s objectives With the focus being on Nikes capacity to strike the balance within its various facets of management, the paper will analyses how different elements in the circle of management can either contribute to the failure or success of the organization. For that case, the primary objective of the paper is to investigate the how various factors within the organization are responsible for its stability. Therefore, by considering the case of the Nike Company, the paper will then strike to understand suitable organization management format can lead to the effective performance of any given company.
Whereas control may merely mean putting in place structure to factor the organization efficiently, agency leaders need to monitor keenly how…

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