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NIKE, INC COMPANY PROFILE Nike, Inc. is the biggest producer of athletic apparel and footwear global by sales. Headquartered in One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, USA, the company sells products through 346 retail outlets across and 343 stores outside the US with famous brands such as Nike, Converse and Umbro over 170 countries. It is employing 34,400 workers and has been being competed strongly by Adidas and Puma (Nike company website, 2010). ok For the last five years, Nike’s revenue increased steadily except 2010 ($19,014m, ), a decrease of 0.8% as compared to 2009) (ibid). By region, North America accounted for 36% of sales, followed by Western Europe (19%), Greater China (9.4%), Central and Eastern Europe (4.85%) and Japan (3.54%)…show more content…
The level of competition is higher and higher because of the development of many new companies as well as Adidas and Puma (Datamonitor, 2010). For instance, Adidas has been investing a lot of money into its campaigns on internet such as campaigns on Youtube, Facebook to reach the young customers (Sportskeeda website, 2010). Another threat is the cheap products imported from China and the development of fake goods market putting pressure on the company (Datamonitor, 2010). Most counterfeit products are produced from China. These goods have exactly the same types as the products of original brands. The counterfeit Nike is made of a lower quality material in comparison to the original product (Bizaims website, 2008). EVALUATION Despite the current recession it seems that the future of Nike will continue to develop. According to Reuter (2010), there is an increasing (11%) in orders for Nike’s brand apparel and shoes totalling $7.7 billion from 2010 through April 2011. Moreover, Nike has replaced Adidas to be the sponsor of the French soccer federation which is a good chance to increase the revenue. Henri de La Grandville (2011) said that what Nike has now is a great challenge and selling a lot of shirts is the first thing the company must do. Also, Nike owns staff of specialists in the areas of biomechanics, chemistry, exercise physiology, engineering, industrial design, and related fields which help to evaluate products during the design and development
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