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N A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by Nike Nike is a worldwide manufacturer of apparel and accessories that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, NKE. Founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman as Blue Ribbon Sports only to later become Nike in 1978, Nike is currently headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. With total revenues exceeding $19Bn, Nike is currently the world leader in sports apparel and accessories and has a strong presence in almost every part of the globe. Initially founded as a running shoe company, geared specifically for runners, Nike grew and expanded to the point that they offer both footwear, clothing, and related accessories for every sport on the planet.…show more content…
Most of the food truck concepts that have been in existence, along with the new gourmet food trucks that are becoming ever present, serve some sort of meal variant that requires there to be running water, hot stoves, and refrigeration due to the nature of preparing the food on the spot to create the freshest taste. Both preparing and cooking on the spot is problematic at best and not only subject to a variety of limitations based on the vehicle and the equipment in it, such as spoilage, but there a regulatory limitations too based on local municipalities. Local health departments, especially, have stringent guidelines and codifications based specifically for mobile food vendors on both the preparation and storage of food based products. Hence my desire to both own and operate a cupcake food truck. First of all, who doesnt love a good cupcake? And despite my ability to bake a cupcake worth dying for, I dont have people knocking down my door in the process. Therefore, by having a cupcake mobile, I am both able to bake and deliver this product to my consumer at their convenience, not mine. Plus, due to the fact that most of the baking a preparation can be done in the comfort of my house, I am able to circumvent a lot of the systematic problems that plague mobile food vendors. My cupcake mobile wont require running water or hot stoves or any of the cumbersome and expensive equipment that a vendor that produces something like gourmet hamburgers would need. My

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