Nike Responses Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Background: Nike is the leading company in sports and fitness fields and located near Beaverton, Oregon (CSRwire, 2012). In 1998, The New York Times exposed that Nike paid workers in China and Vietnam less than two American dollars a day. The aim of this report is to search how Nike response Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Theory: There are five dimensions of corporate social responsibility: physical environment, social (community), consumer, supply chain, and employee relation. ‘Corporate social responsibility is encompasses not only what company do with their profits but also how they make them. It goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and addresses how companies
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In 1999, Jordan Fundamental Program aid more than eight million dollars on lunch program in public secondary school for teachers. (CSRwire, 2012). In 2007, Nike joined the United Nation Refugee Agency and raised 2 million dollar in the first year to support refugee youth education and sports. Nike also sold T-shirt associated with refugee to raise global awareness and capital. (CSRwire, 2012). Nike also had a Partnership with the Lance Armstrong Foundation that aim to encourage people who suffered cancer. (CSRwire, 2012)

Nike issued the Privacy Policy, which include how they collect and use information through different kind of digital devices and what kind of information they will gather. For instance, If a person use a computer and access the Nike website to purchase Nike product or register personal information, the Privacy Policy will protect this customer. And it also help parent to supervise their children, such as parental control tools. (Privacy Policy)
According to the news on FOX 59 WXIN, Nike delayed the release of Foamposite Galaxy shoes because of the safety problem of this pair of new shoes.

Supply chain
‘The contractor does not use forced labor, including prison labor…Employees are age16 or older…Contractor’s employees are not subject to discrimination in employment…Contractor’s employees are timely paid at least minimum wage required by country law. Working
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