Nike Rhectorical Essay

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Richard Jones
Nike Americans everyday procrastinate on goals and achievements, wishing of getting out and obtaining their personal ambitions. Although everyone wishes to be the best, success relieves on the drive the athlete has inside. Imagine a shoe that can increase that motivational drive. The Nike text creates a conceptual situation that any Nike products can make you perform better. Nike is one of America’s top sportswear brand that bring tons of Rhetorical Analysis with their advertisement. Nike goal is to bring inspiration and motivation to every athlete in the world. NIKE designs, develops, and sells a range of products and services to help in playing basketball and soccer, as well as in running, men's and
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Nike uses emotional context to appeal to a sports player mind. “Just do it”, Nike’s slogan, is encouraging athletics across the world to go on the field or gym and give it their all. Without seeing or directly experiencing the product, they convey a feeling to the audience to experience what it would be like to use their products. The main purpose of the Nike website is to adapt their audience to this ultra world of sports. Nike gives you the ability to do anything. Nike is a creditable source for quality sport clothing. They have contracts with Professional teams. When addressing counter arguments Nike has made it known to the world that they product the best athletic wear. Since being around from the 1960s Nike have been beating other competitive companies, such as Reebok, Adidas, and Under Armor. Stated by Hoover’s, Nike has 8 billion more total revenue then Adidas. They have been number one in their market for years. They challenge they best competitors, on Nike home page website they have the Jordan Jumpman label. Jordan is he greatest basketball player. With Jordan being with Nike there is no way none for the basketball audience to use a different brand then Nike.!1778!3!43361374022!e!!g!nike!c YouTube is another way for Nike to grab the audience attention with a modest environment. The audience of this video was runners, basketball players, and people who like LeBron James. The YouTube video consists of LeBron
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