Nike Shifts with Its Environment

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Case Analysis – Nike Shifts With Its Environment 1. From what you can tell by reading the case, in addition to other information you know about Nike, how has each element of the company’s microenvironment contributed to its development of the new stores and their innovative features? λ Nike+: With Nike+, runners can measure their exercise time, pace, energy consumption, etc. Meanwhile, these data can be uploaded to a dedicated community of runners named Thus, runners can get professional training advice, or share their experience with others. This move brought a lot of benefits for the Nike. By helping runners do exercise training, Nike can build brand intimacy and professional degrees, while analyze consumers based on data…show more content…
(Stanley). Joga is not only the world's first football fan community website, but also the Nike’s first step towards "online community" concept. 2. What is the influence of the various components of the macroenvironment on the company’s present situation? Over the past three years, Nike has sharply decline 40% investment in television and print advertising within the U.S. market. However, its overall marketing budget climbed to $ 2.4 billion (2010) of the record. (Cendrowski). Advertising campaign of selling only one popular product has gone, replaced by a full set of new methods, which are fulfilled of interactive elements that can communicate directly with consumers. The reason of this shift is very simple: Nike goes where customers go. Its core customer base is 17-year-old juvenile who will spend 20 percent more money on shoes than adults. (Cendrowski). They have discarded television and turned to walk in the online community. Nike not only believes it can break away from massive TV advertisings, but also says that the digital world will make closer interaction between brands and consumers. 3. Concerning current social attitudes and values, do you believe Nike is on the right track in its approach? Why or why not? What additional suggestions would you offer the company? In my opinion, I do believe that Nike find a suitable way for its development. The new creative marketing ideas and unique network marketing not only bring great wealth for Nike, but also

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