Nike Shoes : Product Information

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Product Information
I. A Summary About Nike
II. Why I Chose Nike Footwear for This Project
III. Overview of the Manufacturing Process
I. A Summary about Nike
Nike, Inc. is known worldwide for its exquisite line of footwear, apparel, equipment, and many other various athletic products. This company is the largest and most successful seller of footwear for people of all ages and all types of recreational, athletic and outside activities. Nike’s diversity in design and development has gained the company global popularity, selling its products to about 20,000 retailers in the United States and nearly 20 countries. Their main objective focuses on providing quality sportswear and equipment to people all around the world.
II. Why I Chose Nike Footwear for This Project
Nike shoes (and sandals) are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. They have secured my feet for the perfect balance and lift for years. When I joined cross country back in high school, all of my running shoes wore out quickly, so I decided to spend more money on better quality shoes; hence, Nike. Even after seven years, my Nike running shoes are still in good condition and are as comfortable as ever. Although Nike’s motto, “Just do it.” is only three words long, it emits a very powerful message to people worldwide. To me, this message is meant to push people past their limits and persevere even through the hardest times and challenging…
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