Nike Strategic Audit

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Content Nike Strategic Audit Page 2 Appendix A IFAS,EFAS,SFAS Page 10 Appendix B Nike Porter 's Five Page 11 Appendix C Nike Financial Data Page 14 References Page 19 I- Current Situation A. Current Performance • Robust financial position, $ 15 billion net Profit (See appendix B). • Market share around 47%. • 28,000 employee B. Strategic posture 1. Mission • To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. 2. Objectives • Provide an environment which develops people to maximize their contribution to NIKE. • Identify focused consumer segment opportunities. • Provide quality and innovative services and products internally and externally. • Establish and nurture relevant emotional…show more content…
• The highest personal and professional ethics, integrity, and moral character. • Ability to remain objective and independent. • Willingness to ask difficult questions. • Capacity to objectively appraise management 's performance. • Excellent inter-personal skills and superior communication skills. • Ability to develop a productive working relationship with Board members and senior management. • Meet the independence standards of the NYSE and the Company. • Have no prohibited interlocking relationships. • Involvement only in activities or interests that do not conflict with or compromise a director 's responsibilities to the Company and its shareholders. • Meet the board 's age election requirements. • Willingness and ability to serve on the Board for several years to develop knowledge of the Company 's business and make a significant contribution over time. III. Nike External Environment Analysis (EFAS, see Exhibit 1 in Appendix A): A. Societal Environment 1- Socio-cultural forces • Changing demographics within the United States, specifically growing minority populations, increase possibilities (O). • Urban population, another strong market for Nike products, is also growing (O). 2- Economic forces • The US economy, which remains Nike 's largest revenue source, is expanding. This is a good sign, as the revenue is elastic in relation to consumer spending (O).

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