Nike : The Goddess Of Greek Mythology

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Like most gods and goddess in Greek mythology they hold very valuable and precise powers. All the gods come from some type of higher power parents that bring their children up to become small myths in history. Kings and queens of the mythology all have their own meaning and roles that potentially help form history. From rivalries and bonds while in the mythology aspects both greek and roman. There are always the good gods and the good side of the mythology. The wide range of ecil can over power the good but somehow angels and the good always seems to carry on throughout the history in BC. Nike the goddess of representing victory was one of the many goddess with power of good.
Nike was the goddess of victory, strength and speed. She was known being the women to honour men on their victorious wins in battles or friendly competitions. Roman mythology named her Victoria, taking root from the name what she represents as victory. She is the daughter of the giant Pallas and the infernal River Styx. She also has siblings by the names, ZELOS (Zeal), KRATOS (Strength), BIA (Force) and ATHENA (Insightful). Most of her family came from very strong and wise body type. They praise people for their victories and stayed under the throne of Zeus, as he needed help to regain control of mount olympus. Where if they helped, he would allow them to live there for eternal life. She represented the peace and the after life of many in battle. She wanted nothing more than to serve Zeus. which is

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