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The corporation has its main headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon in Portland. It is the leading manufacturer of equipment of sports and supply of athletic shoes. Their revenues total up to about US$24. 1 billion in the financial year 2012. During this time, the company employed more than 40,000 persons internationally. This brand is the most valuable in the industry of sports business as it is estimated to value at $10.7 billion (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2012).
Nike is a manufacturer of a variety of equipment for sports. The first ever products that they manufactured were track shoes for running. Currently they have also ventured into making base layers, shorts, and jerseys, shoes and so on for different sports including cricket, basketball, lacrosse, association football, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, and track and field (Nike Store, (n.d)). Nike Corporation was the first to release the 'Nike Air Max' in the year 1987. Their recent brands include Nike SB shoes, and Nike NYS, Nike 6.0. The most recent released is the Air Zoom Yorker. The design of this sportswear if compared to other manufacturers is 30% lighter. In 2008, Air Jordan XX3 was introduced by Nike Inc. This basketball shoe was designed based on the environmental factors (Singh, 2008).
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