Nike World Cup 2010 Case

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Kenneth Sikora February 20, 2013 MKTG 430 Nike Case Analysis In 1962, Nike started as a US distributor for the Japanese shoe manufacturer Onitsuka under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports selling merchandise out of the back of cars at track meets. It wasn’t long before they realized they wanted to start designing and manufacturing their own brand of athletic footwear. In 1972, they changed their name to Nike and developed their iconic swoosh logo. Their first innovative shoe featured a waffle outsole that was lightweight and provided superior traction. Through quality, innovation, endorsements and strategic decisions the company had captured 50 percent of the US running shoe market by 1979. Since their primary focus had been the…show more content…
My proposal for the actual Ad would be an on the field depiction of Nike evolution through clips showing someone moving down the field showcasing products that progress from clip to clip to the newest Superfly II. Before they actually show footage of the new model, “The Future is here… Again” comes on a black screen right before the person brings his foot forward to shoot. A slow motion close up of the Superfly II is then shown kicking the ball and as it moves it goes back to normal speed and flashes to a view from behind the net of the ball coming at you. It then shows “Go to to see more”. This would be shown between games and as close to the start as contractually possible while people are tuning in. They would also post this on the YouTube and Facebook accounts. This sticks to the strategy of showing the Brands superiority and commitment to innovation as well as generating traffic to the new site. With the success of their past online projects, they wanted to take the next step and connect the physical world of product to the digital world of consumers. They wanted to include innovative product offerings, training tools, video content and guidance aimed at improving player performance. The feedback from participants in the boot camp project showed promise that this would be an effective way of engaging the customer and getting them to frequent the site. The question was how do we lay out the training. Options were to focus on skills vs.

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