Nike World Cup Harvard Business Review Questions Essay

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Mekyas Moges
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Nike World Cup
1. Discuss the factors that have resulted in Nike Football becoming over a $1 Billion division and a major force in the football market.
The Nike football brand believed that the only way to seize any kind of opportunity for growth is to first have a product that speaks for itself. Therefore, Nike believed that footwear product innovation should have the most focus. Nike had four steps to product innovation, development, design, marketing and most importantly, testing. The company spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create the right products that the athletes could preform well on. The fact that the 2006 world cup final between France and Italy, an Adidas
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After 2006, Nike caught up with the Adidas in global market share. It’s all thanks to Nike’s ability to find new alternative ways of brand management such as digital distribution with YouTube or individual partnerships with players that lead to Nike catching up when it did not have the rights to market extensively on the worlds biggest stage.

3. Discuss Nike's shift of its target market for the 2010 World Cup and how it impacted its marketing efforts.

Through market research, Nike found the most impressionable consumers were these Football Obsessed Teens. Generally, these teens were around 17 years in age, Nike’s target age. Nike felt that the “17-year-od consumers were more independent, more driven in their football goals, could choose their own brand, buy their own products and form brand loyalty.” However, Nike recognized that this change would require an adjustment in their marketing efforts. Primarily, these consumers were not just “aspirational” but rather “inspirational,” a type of consumer that will want the tools to become the best possible player.
For that reason, Nike decided to shift the brand in two different ways, the “Silo” and “Digital” shit. The Silo shift consisted of research that found the most important aspects to an athlete’s game were, accuracy and control. These were the type of skills players wanted

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