Nike and the World Cup 2010

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Salma Dahbi MKT 5305 December 2nd, 2015 Nike Football: World Cup 2010 South Africa Nike is considered one of the most successful companies worldwide. It is well known for being the greatest producer and provider of sport gear, shoes, equipment, and different services. As most countries are now taking part in all different kinds of sport disciplines, we can undoubtedly say that in nowadays’ business world, the sport industry is deemed as one that is worth billion of dollars. Besides, it is very important to mention that Football (Soccer) in its turn is one of -if not the only- most famous sport played all over the world. This is the main reason why most companies belonging to the sport industry have great chances getting into this…show more content…
YouTube was actually Nike’s first try to connect with consumers using the Internet and social networking. Nike’s social media presence had improved the brand customer relationship and led to increased brand awareness. As a matter of fact, Nike has reached its World Cup Football Success mostly through merging all of its long lasting innovative products, full media brand building, and businesslike operative marketing approaches. The 2010 World Cup was a very important opportunity for Nike to shine more in the world of football. This World Cup though had Adidas as its official sponsor and also placed some regulations concerning the air of commercials during the event. In fact, all other brands had to look into delivering their contents through other platforms. Nevertheless, Nike decided to trail behind its main competitor, Adidas, in terms of brand recognition. In order to gain awareness, Nike took up on a campaign during the 2010 World Cup using ambush marketing, which was set in motion three weeks before the event and comprised various TV ads and YouTube videos promoting star athletes. Through this push, Nike worked toward incorporating sustainability using the World Cup as an encouragement to newcomers to the brand as well as evolving Nike Football’s image by means of this event. To guarantee success in each of its objectives, Nike
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