Nike 's Business Growth Strategy

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Nike has three main areas that they highlight in their strategic plan: innovation, sustainability, and market leader of athletic brands. These are three areas that are very hard to accomplish, and I hope Nike has not bit off more than they can chew. According to,” innovation is at the heart of NIKE, Inc. 's business growth strategy. Our relentless focus to be better helps us create the world 's most innovative products for consumers across the globe”. Innovation, especially in the clothing department, is difficult. Nike has had some very interesting innovations in recent years. Just last year they came out with six new products. These products are extremely innovative because there is nothing else like them on the market. They came out with the Nike cooling hood, and FOOTBALLX. The cooling hood is a product that is designed to keep cyclists cool when cycling long distances. Although helmets are designed to keep their heads cool this is an entirely separate piece. The Nike FOOTBALLX is a shoe that is used for playing indoor soccer. This is a new design for an already introduced product. It features a high heel, which is not the norm for indoor soccer shoes. These are both examples of innovation and show that Nike is accomplishing its goal of innovation. Nike is standing by their claim to be a sustainable company. In their strategic plan they talk about improving their labor, and environmental standards as a company, “Today, our corporate responsibility approach

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