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In addition, Nike, Inc.’s Code of Conduct also states that its subcontractors must provide “a safe, hygienic and healthy workplace setting and [take the] necessary steps to prevent accidents and [injuries] […]” (Nike, Inc.,”Code of Conduct”). In 2013, following another company’s factory catching fire in Bangladesh, killing 112 people in the process, two of Nike’s vice-presidents flew to Bangladesh to assess the situation in their own factories (Banjo). Seeing as their buildings were not safe, the company decided to stop subcontracting in Bangladesh; in doing so, Nike was aware that it would lower its profits by 3% (Banjo). However, it must be noted that Nike, Inc. had been present in Bangladesh since 1991; therefore, it took the company twenty years to react to the dangerous working conditions (Banjo). Nike, Inc. has also taken a strong stance on certain social issues. Indeed, the company describes itself as a supporter of gay rights and became one of the founders of the LGBT Sports Coalition for this reason (“The 2015 Nike #BETRUE collection”). This coalition aims to put an end to the unfair treatment that the LGBTQ community faces in sports competitions and other athletic events (“The 2015 Nike #BETRUE collection”). Moreover, in 2012, the company has launched #BETRUE, a collection of footwear and clothing articles featuring a rainbow, the symbol of the LGBTQ community (“The 2015 Nike #BETRUE collection”). Furthermore, Nike, Inc. has recently ended its endorsement of Manny

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