Nike 's Impact On Sports

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The company I choose to write about is Reebok because I am a huge fan of their classic sneaker product and I am also a basketball and football fanatic. Reebok as a company is in a unified position as both a business and a business within the sports field. Building and successfully launching products related to sports is very difficult.
The reason I say reebok is in a unified position is because reebok is a company which focuses on fashion and sports. Unlike many other business entities the face evolution on a much faster pace and higher level. Literally something as simple as a professional athlete switching teams can impact reebok 's bottom line. Reebok faces this both as a business and a sports business entity sometime separately sometime simultaneously. Reebok just as any other business has to face things like competition, culture, demographics, technology, vision, marketing goals, objectives, and strategy but they have to do it twice as both as a business and a sports business entity. Their goal was to basically ensure they were using their tools in the best possible ways to stay ahead of the competition.
In the last 30 years innovation and product development in sports has seen consistent growth even with the micro and macro-economic differences. One of the reasons this happened is because most sports enterprises have smarted up their way of product development through paying close attention to the relationship between sports consumers and product development.
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