Nike 's Strategic Management And Leadership

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Strategic Management and Leadership
Nike Sportswear Lid Case study


The strategic management planning goes hand in hand with strong leadership that can deliver and execute organization plans and succeed in the business market. Leaders for large organizations should poses high management quality with interpersonal skill to be able to achieve organization’s goals and deal with unexpected challenge in a very competitive market.
Nike Sportswear Ltd started with an individual with limited budget to inter in a new market with new product, the move was risky but the secret ingredients is high qualified marketer who poses all the leadership skills and marketer mind to drive this small starting company to the top and crush any competition that rise.
Nike Sportswear case study is one of many cases that contain both good strategic management and high qualified managers who understands Nike vision and keep up with the advancement of the retailer’s market environment consistently. Managers using various strategies of leadership some companies find transformational leadership approach is more appropriate to be closer to their employer and their employees, and others finds transactional approach using punishment and rewards is the right way to go.

Nike Sportswear Case Study:

Nike Managers and Leadership

Nike operation strategy is to connect their products with retailers directly to cut the costs of the middleman and this operation directed and managed by the Nike

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