Nike to Face Global Market Challenges

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How important is it for the financial managers of the Nike Inc. to understand the main challenges in the global market? The global market place is now becoming more competitive in regards to both product offerings and human capital. Now, more so that any other time in history, the global market environment is interconnected. Aspects that were once competitive advantages for firms are now eroding. Boundaries in regards to geographic location are dissipating due to the advent of the internet. Furthermore, the supply of intelligent and capable employees is expanding. With the increase in supply of the intellectual capabilities of those abroad, comes an ever expanding market of potential competitors. Nike, being a global company with a dominant market position must be aware of these challenges. Be recognizing the future challenges the company faces, Nike will be in better position to mitigate and diminish its influence. Understanding the main challenges in a global market also allows Nike the opportunity for Nike to structure the company in such as way as to maintain its competitive advantages relative to its peers. For instance, realizing that many athletic wear companies are now being formed in China and Latin, (both markets are growing revenue at roughly 12% per annum) Nike can leverage its extensive brand influence on consumers as oppose to competing solely on price (Schwartz, 2010). This mitigates, to a large extent, the global challenges Nike faces in regards to price

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