Nike's New Device to Scan and Correct Golf Swings: Market Analysis

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The company is Nike and the product is a device that Nike has developed to scan golf swings and correct errors. Professional players sometimes use these types of devices but Nike has developed one and intends to market it to consumers. Australia is going to be the first market. Consumers, competitors, suppliers and channel partners are affected by this issue. The government plays very little role, beyond approving the product for sale. There are few if any ethical/social issues, as this recreational product is benign and poses no risk of injury to consumers. The product fits in well with the socio-cultural values of Australians. Caplan (2005) notes that Australia is a burgeoning golf destination and society in general takes a favourable view of the pastime. Golf in most places is considered to be a social activity, where one can either relax from the stresses of the work week or as a place even to conduct business (The Economist, 2011). Golf is not played by many youth, but those who do play the game will benefit from the additional instruction afforded by this device. A good corollary for the demographics of golf comes from the subscription data for Australian Golf Digest. This suggests the sport is predominantly male (80%), well-distributed by age (the largest cohort is actually 14-24 with 27.6%), full-time workers, professional, in the top quintile of the socioeconomic scale (33.4%) and has an average household income of $114,270 (NewsSpace, 2012). Thus, a

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