Nike's beginning history and success.

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Nike: The Beginnings The Nike Corporation originated from two sources, "Bill Bowerman's quest for lighter, more durable racing shoes for his Oregon runners, and Phil Knight's search for a way to make a living without having to give up his love of athletics" (Hincker 1). Their ideas and actions within Nike have radically changed the way sports, business, and popular cultures interact. This influence is seen best through the history of Nike's formation in its beginning years. The concept that would eventually lead to Nike's existence began on a rather small scale. While getting his MBA at Stanford, Phil Knight realized the business opportunities within high quality, low cost shoes produced in Japan and shipped to the US for distribution.…show more content…
He helped create variations within Nike products, and a market to sell those variations. His underlying concept of improving the performance of serious athletes greatly influenced the decisions made to the company's products. Nike would never have become the company it is now without the sound business decisions of Phil Knight. His ingenious concept of using Japan's resources for production started the company's initial existence. Knight was the first businessman to allow retailers to preorder inventory. This revolutionary business decision soon became standard among other businesses. Through Knight's effective publicity and marketing of the Cortez, Nike was able to take leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings. Knight started small and subtly, working Nike's way slowly in massive popularity and commercial exposure. Knight also saw the possibilities of expanding Nike's product line from its running background. From this expansion, Nike was able to encompass not only different sports, but also incorporate casual-wear into their product line. Because of its unconditional beginnings, the mentality of Nike formed around the principles of being a company focused on serious athletes. As time has progressed, it has fervently stayed true to its values towards its athletes. NBA rookie Michael Jordan signed for Nike in 1985, paving the way for the launching of the new Air Jordan shoe line. This marked new transition in Nike. Its

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