Nikola Tesl The Most Brilliant Minds Of The Twentieth Century

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Collin Chapman
18 April 2017
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century. His father was a Serbian Orthodox Priest and his mother was highly intellegent (Hunt 1). If intelligence is genetic then his mother must have been where Nikola got his from. His father was most likely the one responsible for his modest and honest personality. Nikola Tesla changed the world by giving it Alternating current various other impactful technologies, but his name did not get the recognition he deserved. When Nikola finished college he traveled to different countries, gaining experience from his travels. “After studying at the Realschule, Karlstadt (later renamed the
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It was not until 1887 he found some funding for his ideas and was invited to address the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1888 ( Staff 2). During this he peaked the interest of George Westinghouse, who hired Tesla shortly after this.
Westinghouse was Edison’s direct competitor at the time and Tesla proved to be quite the addition to his team. “ Together, Tesla and Westinghouse lit the 1891 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and partnered with General Electric to install AC generators at Niagara Falls, creating the first modern power station,” ( Staff 3). And thus the alternating current/ direct current war had begun. Edison would do public stunts to scare the public into wanting his direct current like “Edison sometimes electrocuted animals at demonstrations,” (West 3). During such demonstrations he would use alternating current to show that it can be deadly, and “In 1889 Edison arranged for a convicted New York murderer to be put to death in an AC-powered electric chair,” ( Staff 3), giving birth to one of the most infamous utilities of America’s judicial system the electric chair.

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Tesla took a different stance in the war of AC/DC. Instead of attacking his rival with instilling the public with fears of the dangers of electricity he would defend his invention with demonstrations of safety and cost effective his version of the power system was. “Tesla responded by demonstrating

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