Nikola Tesla's Accomplishments

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Our world has experienced many bright scholars, inventors, and innovators. However, many of them are not well known. A great example of one of these people is Nikola Tesla. Born in Smiljab, Croatia, to Ðuka and Milutin Tesla, Tesla was bright at a young age. In addition, he outsmarted Thomas Edison, had many great accomplishments, and had a quiet later life.

Even at a young age, Tesla was very intelligent. He was born on July 10th, 1856, and had four siblings, although his brother, Dane Tesla, died after falling from a horse. His mother created various appliances to make life easier, which may have influenced Nikola to want to become an engineer. His father was not only a priest but a writer. The first sign of his intelligence was the fact
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In 1887-1888, he invented the induction motor. Then, in 1891, he invented the "Tesla coil," which was an electrical resonant transformer circuit. In 1898, he demonstrated a remote controlled vessel. A year later, in May, he started working on a way to make wireless communication possible. This was a success. In addition, around 1891 he used and advanced another method for alternating current electric generator, which was called three phase electric power. It is used to produce high frequency, high voltage, low current alternating-current electricity. Yet another one of his inventions was the neon lamp. In addition from his inventions, Tesla wrote 46 books. In 1975 the IEEE Nikola Tesla award was named after him. It would be given to people who had made efficient improvements to the knowledge of electric power. As you can see, even though he isn't well known, Nikola Tesla had many great…show more content…
Before World War I, Tesla seeked investors overseas to fund his research. However, when the war started, Nikola lost most of his money that he was receiving from European patents. Nikola Tesla then began to experience some symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. His reputation crumbled and people thought he was insane. In 1931, Tesla finally received partial credit for his contribution to electric power generation when TIME magazine mentioned him. Sometime between January 5th and January 8th, 1943, Tesla died poor and alone in a hotel room due to heart failure. His body was found by a maid who had ignored the do not disturb signs placed there on the evening of January 5th. Prior this time Nikola had been working on a energy based weapon called the death ray. As you can see, Nikola Tesla had quiet last moments of his life, contrary to his very eventful
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