Nile Perch : What Does It Look Like?

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Nile Perch
What does it look like? :

Where is it from? :
- This creature has originated from the Congo River, and any other surrounding fresh water reserves. It was also known to be a special site, if you were passing by the Ethiopian region, Eastern Africa.

How did they enter the place? :
- It is unclear why the Nile perch entered Lake Victoria, but there are some local theories. The local people around Lake Victoria were saying that the fish was purposely put into the lake, by the government. This was said because the fish inside the lake were growing too rapidly and the government wanted to get rid of the over populating fish.

What is it doing to the environment? :

- The
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- Last but not least, the Nile Perch also caused a lot of deforestation in the habitat around it. You might be wondering what a water creature has to do with deforestation. Well, this is because a lot of wood is required to soak the Nile Perch. Since there were a lot of these fish at the lake, it was the most common meal, for the local people. In order to prepare this fish properly you need large amounts of wood. These led to massive amounts of vegetation loss, and this also harmed the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

What is being done to prevent further destruction? :
- Firstly, the local people of Uganda are trying to over fish in this particular species, and that too mostly the females. This is because the females give birth to the off springs, and if they are all gone, there will be no more off springs, lowering the amount of fish.
- The local people think that the fish its self are also trying to wipe themselves out. This might seem weird, but the truth is that these fish are cannibals. All the older fish, eat the young fish which wipes out an entire generation of fish.

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