Nimble Fingers Swiftly Graze Across The Bound Leather Book

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Nimble fingers swiftly graze across the bound leather book sitting in my lap as I look out the window; watching the sunny day slowly get darker due to the dark clouds covering the sun, causing a certain darkness to cast over Boston. It would be raining soon, I had been certain of that. "You should put that book away, darling, your step mother would not want to see that in your possession." My father will say as he approaches me, words spoken softly and concern in his eyes. The mention of my step mother causes a disgusted look to come across my face...Priscilla Applegate, a scrawny woman in her middle 30 's who always wore her dark hair up in an old fashioned bun and treated me like a child. I was never too fond of the woman to begin with…show more content…
My mother had been a witch before her death...dying from natural causes and losing her soul to the devil himself. Lucifer.

She had done it to gain more power, but it hadn 't done her very good and the devil took her soul; snatched it right from her chest and left me with nothing. I was depressed, broken, and feeling quite vengeful over the situation, it was madness that had driven me to act out and become my mother. something my father hated. "You think you are evil...yes?" a raspy voice causes me to drift away from my thoughts and turn around. "Now, why would I think such a thing? could you possibly know that?" my arms cross and I stare at the man curiously. Who was this stranger? and what was he doing in my home? "I can read your mind very easily miss Willow." Is all he 'll say and I 'm speechless. Yes, speechless...what was I to say? I certainly didn 't want to be speaking to some strange man who had no business being here.

"You don 't know me, or my life for that if you 're looking for my father, he 's right down the hall, take a right and you 'll see a red door. It 's his study, he spends half his time in there." I turn away for a moment, only to turn back around to see him still standing there, arms crossed and studying me. The man was quite tall, a black hat and suit to match, he had given off quite a strange feeling and made me feel like he knew all of my secrets. "I am not here for your father Willow, I 'm here
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