Nine Learning Experiences CDA 2.0

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RC II-1 Science/Sensory Age: 5-years-old Activity: St. Patrick’s Sensory Box Goal: To help the kids explore with their hands. Materials and processes: Green rice or green sand, spoons, green plastic/glass gems, foam shamrocks, gold coins, mini cauldrons, a rainbow, and a few magnifying glasses. Teaching Strategies: Use the rice or sand to hide the objects, with the spoons and magnifying glasses have the kids look for the leprechaun’s gold, or find four leaf clovers. Developmentally Appropriate: This activity is appropriate for 5-year-olds it helps children learn manage their emotions, touch with the senses and teaches cooperation and conflict resolution. RC II-2 Language and Literacy…show more content…
and balancing. RC II-6 Self-Concept Age: 3-years-old Activity: Story Time Goal: To help children accept and appreciate themselves and others. Materials and processes: Storybook “We are All Different” Teaching Strategies: During whole group time, read the story “We are All Different”. Discuss the story with the children. Afterward, show them pictures of people from different parts of the world. Let them discuss the differences that they see. Developmentally Appropriate: This activity is appropriate for 3-year-olds because it helps children to build a positive self-esteem and accept differences. RC II-7 Emotional Skills/Regulation Age: 4-years-old Activity: Feelings Bag Goal: To help children learn to express their feelings with words, in appropriate and positive ways. Materials and processes: A large gift bag, feelings chart and matching feelings cards. Teaching Strategies: Discuss with the children the different facial expressions on the feelings chart. Afterward, l put the feeling match cards in the bag, have the kids take turns pulling cards from the bag; have them match the feelings cards to the matching feelings on the chart. Ask them to tell you what the feeling is and what it means, have them show you how to
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