Nine Legal Duties

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“Nine Legal Duties” Michael Brown Lana Williams 5-7-12 M & W11:00-11:50 HUPF 3063 When planning a workout or skill, make sure you take it into consideration that all athletes are the same. Some of the coach’s athlete’s need more assistance than other’s. Never teach a skill too fast. It is advice that a coach shouldn’t advance the skill too quick; it could lead to a very dangerous situation. When planning an activity, the coach should consider each athlete’s capacity. Some are going to be in shape than others. This doesn’t mean to push forth and make progression. Make sure that each athlete ready before planning any workout. By doing fitness test will determine each athletes standards. Remember to develop a well plan that…show more content…
There should always be supervision when a workout is carried out. It will ensure that the athlete is doing what their supposed to do. As a coach, you are responsible to foresee the hazards that may come upon. Never leave the students unattended. If you need to walkout for an important call, then ask your assistant coach to supervise. If a coach doesn’t have anyone to take responsibility of his or hers athletes, then stop what their doing and make them take a break. This will prevent injuries from your athletes. A coach is expected to alert conditions that may be dangerous to your athletes. Always take action and protect your athletes. Duty nine provides appropriate emergencies assistance. A coach should provide medical assistance for injured athletes. If medical assistance can’t be reach then the coach should seek first aid. When fulfilling this duty a coach should seek first aid. When fulfilling this duty, a coach should have each athlete fill out a consent form for each athlete at the beginning of the season. When an athlete is injured, then the coach should take precaution on what to do. Pride will only get you half way; a coach needs to realistic in what he or she is doing. They need to be ready and have high-quality mind set. They should have fun in what they’re doing and should never make this an unpleasant task. By following these nine duties, it’ll help a great deal on how to manage your athletes and know
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