Nineteen Years A Slave By Solomon Northup

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One of the most traumatic times that America has ever been through was the time of slavery. It has taken years for the country to recover from the atrocious time period in which “equality”, was not equal at all. The historical fiction, 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup, was first published in the United States of America by Derby and Miller in 1853 but the newest addition was published in 2014. The novel is an autobiographic account of Solomon himself who had been born a free man in the state of New York in July of 1808. Shortly after creating a great life for himself he was kidnapped drugged and sold into slavery. As the title suggests he lived his life as a slave for 12 years and was put through things no person no matter whom they…show more content…
As well it can also be said that he told the story to show that not all people from the south during that time period were inhumane monsters as most not from there would have conceived them to be. Another thing that can be taken from his novel is not to take our liberties for granted, because many men and women fought long and hard to obtain them for us and though unlikely could be taken away. Solomon Northup was an amazing for enduring everything he went through and sill being able to write a true and honest account of it all. As well doing so in such a calm and level headed manner towards the people he encountered down south. This is what I feel lead him to writing such a well respected and believable novel of his time as a slave. The story takes place over the course of the early eighteen hundreds. Solomon’s father Mintus Northup was a slave in his day but upon his masters death was emancipated. Thus leading to Solomon being born a free man along with his older brother Joseph. He grew up in Minerva, New York, where he worked on his father’s farm and enjoyed reading and playing the violin. On Christmas day in 1829, married the love of his life Anne Hampton. Solomon and his wife went on to having three children. They had two daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, as well as one son, Alonzo. After moving around many times to find work the Northup’s settled for two years in Kingsbury where they established a farm. As well Solomon made money
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