Nineveh After Reading The Book Of Jonah

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Jonah is one of the more well-known books in the Old Testament, as it contains a familiar story to Christians and non-Christians alike. As a child growing up, most of us would be familiar with the story of Jonah and his being swallowed up by the fish. Even many non-Christians I know who did not grow up in church have made mention of this Biblical story. While the story of Jonah and the fish is often romanticized or even changed (i.e. changing the fish to a whale), the story and moral lesson contained within it is incredibly applicable both to the Israelites of Jonah’s time, as well as to us today. Jonah is believed to have ministered around the time of 746-786 BC due to a reference in 2 Kings 14:23-25 of, “Jonah, son of Amittai” (Hays 299). Despite the events contained with the book happening before the Assyrian conquest, it is easy to sense the tension between the Israelites and the Assyrians when reading the book of Jonah.
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