Ningaloo Reef Research Paper

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There are a lot of activities that providing, such as snorkeling or scuba diving at the most popular scuba diving destination such as Tasmania and Queensland which the tourist can explore the coral reefs and enjoy the beauty of the sea. At the same time, Ningaloo Reef is the place that tourist actually can swim with the whale sharks.

Besides that, the places like Philip Island, which located near Melbourne can actually exploring and viewing the smallest penguin in the world, Animal Park, koala convention center and farm. However, tourist can choose a wildlife coast cruise for seal viewing, dolphin viewing and whale viewing. It is very convenient for the tourist who is a senior citizen.

Tourist also can experience a camel tour at Australia’s
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Some people would love to watch animals’ daily behavior. They would like to know more and understand more about the animals. They can observe the animals from a distance, touching them or feeding them.

Besides that, tourist love wildlife tourism because they want to learn more about nature, be physically active, meet people that share similar interest and learn outdoor skills (Kretchman & Eagles, 1990). The tourist can meet more people when they are visiting the same destination. They also can share their experience and knowledge with each other because they share the similar interest. Furthermore, tourist also could be physically active by joining the wildlife activities. A lot of the activities required a lot of skills that we usually don’t do such as diving, snorkeling, horse riding or jungle trekking.

Tourist who join jungle trekking and stay inside the jungle to explore the nature also could learn outdoor skills. It is a useful tourism experience for tourist. People who go for wildlife tourism they usually like to learn more about nature. At the same time, they are nature appreciation who would loves to appreciate the beauty of nature and protect the nature. They could relax and escape from their working environment by enjoying the
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