Nintendo, A Japanese Multinational Consumer Electronics Company

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Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company, was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchias. It began as a maker of Japanese playing-cards called “Hanufuda”. By 1979, they developed their first video-game system, “TV-Games,” which launched them into the video-gaming industry. Since then, Nintendo has introduced a wide range of gaming products, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and several others. The company quickly became renowned for their innovative products and reigned over the video-gaming industry. However, Nintendo’s supremacy over the industry was set to change. Competitors, such as Sony, Microsoft, and Sega, began developing systems using CD storage rather than using a cartridge…show more content…
Nintendo’s strategy with Wii game console was to target a demographic that was ignored in the past. Since Nintendo has targeted both gamers and non-gamers, they have the opportunity to target certain markets in that demographic, such as women, children, and seniors. However, from a sociocultural perspective, they have created a family-friendly image, which can limit the types of games they can produce. With this limitation placed on them, their competitive advantage could be endangered. To protect themselves from this threat, it is important for Nintendo keep trying to target a wide range of consumers and researching trends that are important each society. A good example of Nintendo responding to this problem is the creation of their health conscious games. Political factors that the gaming industry faces as a whole are the policies and regulations placed on taxes, foreign trade, and social welfare. In many areas in the world, the government has the authority to control gaming content because of the tendency of games to affect the emotions of people playing, which can possibly turn into a threat to law and society. Therefore, these laws and regulations have

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