Nintendo Csr Activities

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CSR has gained importance in the business world during the last twenty years. CSR has become one of the most important concepts in business. Business ethics can be regarded as themoral values and principles that govern the actions of a person, or a group of people, in a business environment, defining what is right and what is wrong.Businesses nowadays need to consider the effect of their actions on their stakeholders; choice based purely on financial gain may end the business in an undesired state. This reportaims tocritically examine a Nintendo’s CSR activitiesusing relevant CSR theories. We selected Nintendo Co., Ltd as we believe it will help us understand the theories and examine the different practices that the global
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Nintendo enables parents and guardians to restrict the display of 3D images on the Nintendo 3DS system using a Parental Controls feature. Nintendo have cooperated with a program that fosters communication between elderly people and children.

Economic perspective
Nintendo employsapproximately 4700 people around the globe in its multinational branches.The company strives to maximize long-term corporate value and is working to achieve a highly transparent and sound system of corporate governance. To protect the Investment of the shareholders & the future of the company, Nintendo is taking anti-counterfeiting protection measures in many countries, and Nintendo continues to take legal action against those who infringe upon its intellectual property. Nintendo is now what is arguably the most influential company in the video game industry, and Japan 's third most valuable listed company, with a market value of over US$85 billion.

Why Nintendo adapts CSR?

CSR area of greatest focus for Nintendo because of how much external effect its products have. This includes the materials used in products, the energy efficiency of its products, as well as the recyclability of its products. Nintendo began carrying out CSR in 2007. So what makes them adapt CSR:

1. Shareholder felt
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