Nintendo Target Consumer Groups and Unique Selling Proposition

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Target Consumer Groups and Unique Sellin Proposition

The paper gives some information about positioning that one of the main elements of Marketing Mix and SWOT analysis of Nintendo Wii and it’s main competitors Sony’ Play Station 3 and Macintosh’s Xbox 360. The paper describes Nintendo Wii’s three main personas, represents them on a positioning map and adds competitors on it. The paper discusses how being the first to launch a radically different console gave the company its competitive advantage which it then translated into its promotional strategy. The paper concludes with a recommendation for next launch for Nintendo.


Harrison, T. states that the positioning of a product is, ‘‘the sum of those
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This is where the Wii and the DS handheld are finding most of their buyers. In these markets you need a different kind of content. You can't attract a lot of women (especially in the generation above 35) with ego shooters, war simulations, car races, group sports etc. Wii also found a competitive edge by getting females and other adult population who has not been very keen in playing earlier. Wii Fit (Fitness game for Nintendo Wii) developed especially for the female members of the family. So the whole family members are a target consumer segment. Wii was able to remove the traditional negative barrier between “the child” and “the parent”.

SWOT Analysis for Nintendo Wii
-Unique, no similar product
- Develop of motion sensing controls
- Ease of use (Wii menu a lot like TV channels)
- Most interactive console
- Appeals to all ages
- Prestige of nintendo (brand loyality)
- Lowest price compared to other consoles
- Worldwide availability
- Many people can play at once.

- Joystick liability
- Limited selection of software
- Trailing in online war – Xbox has Xbox live (but you have to pay) , PS3 Online
- Graphics – weakest graphic card of the entire group
- No HardDisc (Xbox and PS3 both have HD)

- Better online system

- Price drops from competition
- Microsoft/Sony develops 'Wii Remotes' too
- Wii's Appeal fads.
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