Nintendo 's Influence On The Video Game Market

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In 1985, Nintendo launched what would become one of its most successful games in all of video gaming history. Super Mario Brothers; released for the Nintendo NES, became on of the best selling games in the world, and put Nintendo on the map as the “Grandfather of Modern Video Gaming” (Nintendo, 2016). Nintendo has seen a dozen of its products dominate the market—from the Gameboy to the Wii, the company’s products are iconic and unique to the industry and are easily accessible worldwide. Despite Nintendo’s stronghold on the video game market, the company has done more than put games out on the market—over the last decade, Nintendo has inspired millions of amateur developers and gamers to leave their home countries and flock to Japan in hopes of starting a career with big name Japanese gaming companies. For this final report, I will be examining and applying a number of cultural dimensions regarding as assignment to work for the Nintendo Company with a great number of foreign workers. In addition to exploring the cultural dimensions of working for a foreign company, I will then devise a cultural adaptation plan that will address cultural adaptations in order to ensure success not only with the company, but with transitioning and adjusting to the culture as well. Before delving into the cultural dimensions of this report, it would be helpful to look at the Japanese workplace as a whole and its attitudes towards women in the workplace before diving into the cultural…
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