Nipissing First Nation Summary

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The first article is about the Supreme Court of Canada needs to determine whether the records of the Indigenous residential school should be preserved or destroyed as most of the sensitive topics and abuses had happened there. However, there are some conflicts about this topics among public because some believe that survivor’s privacy should be protected and some said public should know the history of this tragedy and how sad it was. Moreover, if the information is not destroyed now it will be eventually known to the decadents of the survivors and abusers through the media. Regardless of the voices from public, the federal government has taken an action saying that these are government documents and only Library and Archives Canada has the…show more content…
What happening there is some of the commercial fishermen are charged by the Ministry of Natural Resources as they do not follow the rules and regulations set by their local government and the provincial government. According to the chief of Nipissing First Nation, this agreement was made for the purpose of protecting the resources for future generations. However, the representative lawyer for commercial fishermen said that “The chief and band council don't represent the collective. They can only represent their master, who created them, the Government of Canada”
The representative lawyer consider that the agreement is not valid because it was signed by people who was appointed by the colonial authorities and it is not involved the community voices. The solution can be simple if the court agree with him but if not this problem can last years in order to reach the final decision.
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