Nirala Sweets Sucees Story

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Strategy Report on Nirala Sweets

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This project was assigned by our respected instructor Prof. Chaudhry Fazal-E-Muqeem to study the strategy of any successful Pakistani Company and we selected the case study of Nirala Sweets. At start it seemed to be an easy task because most of the contents required by the teacher were understood but as we progressed on the project, we realized that it’s a tough assignment. During this study we touched Nirala sweets
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Taj Din migrated from Amritsar, India to Lahore, Pakistan. He settled in one of the busiest areas of Lahore, The Meva Mundi, which was basically a market place where people came from large distances to sell their goods. Mr. Taj Din had an entrepreneurial spirit and saw an opportunity to provide food to the travellers. He partnered with a friend to open a breakfast shop, which grew popular in a couple of years. During the same time, his partner sold off his share to him. Mr. Taj Din aspired to be the best in the business and wanted to develop a brand name everyone would recognize. He and his son, Farooq Ahmad, wanted to choose a name that was unique and thus Nirala came into being. The word Nirala stands for 'exceptional', 'distinctive', 'only one of its kind and Nirala stands true to its name. In 1952-53, Mr. Taj Din started selling methai (traditional sweets) as a complimentary line. He hired the best methai makers in the market. He also travelled to Karachi to hire methai makers who used to make variety of methai which was fairly new to the people of Lahore. It was the first time that cheese based methai was introduced in this region. The shop was then moved from Meva Mundi to Fleming road. This was the time when Nirala got more recognition. In 1965, Nirala became the Official Methai Supplier for the Governor House. In
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