Nirvana Essay

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For this field trip we visited the exhibition called “Shifting objectives” held at M plus pavilion. The show introduces the history of twentieth and twenty-first century design in Asia within a global framework. It was Indeed an eye-opening experience to broaden our understanding over those iconic designs of different countries from pluralistic perspectives. In this report, I would like to compare two of the Japanese chair designs shown in the exhibition: Zaisu and Nirvana. First and foremost, Zaisu, which in Japanese means legless chair, is a modern design by the Japanese designer Kenmochi Isamu. It epitomizes the booming innovative design industry after post-war period. The chair was made of rosewood veneering plywood. In terms of design…show more content…
It suffices to question those unnecessary ornamentations of postmodern design. But what is certain is that the latter blurs the line between art and design. It is reminiscent of the post-modernism precursor Duchamp, whose iconic work “Fountain” stirs much controversy about the identity of an object. It casts interesting questions: are things what they perceptually appear to be? Why are things they are?
Although both Zaisu and Nirvana each represents their own stylistic period, they still share a few things in common. In similarity, both designs feature sleek and inviting design that often appeared in Japanese style. They have minimalistic geometric shape, and the lines are rounded, rather than angular. The dark color of both also suggests solidarity and reliability. In reflection, both the modern and post-modern designs inspire me in its own ways. The function and form of modern design creates the fundamentals of good design that permeates our daily lives. On the other hand, Nirvana reminds me of exceeding beyond boundary in design, giving new expression and liberating ourselves from what we know and see every day. It inspires me to view a good design not just based on its functionality, but also on aspects beyond. The same applies to my work because I now have learnt a good artist and designer should keep finding new approaches to create their
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