Essay on Nisa Life and Words of a Kung Woman

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Nisa: The life and words of a !kung woman:response “Nisa: the life and words of a !kung woman” written by Marjorie Shostak is a book about a woman named nisa of the !kung people. It entails the stories of her struggles and the many horrific tragedies in her life and how it shapes who and how she is. The book Is basically an interview of a fifty year old nisa, it is written in her perspective of what it is like to live in such a society. She suffered quite a few devastating tragedies as aforementioned which included, the death of four of her children, two as infants and two as adults. Even shostak says that none of the !kung women suffered tragedies the way nisa did. The story evokes the importance of women to the tribe. Most of the…show more content…
When anyone tried to pick on me she would help me and it also helped to the fact that she was popular and all the boys wanted her and what she said was taken as gospel. She always had my back even when my mom was whipping me she’d make jokes about my mom having the propensity of killing me because I was small which made my mom stop at times. It is very similar to the way Nisa describes her older brother Dau and his protection over her except it’s the other way around . Nisa tells of stories of Dau and how she looks up to him time and time again. She remembers that some occasions Dau would bring her mongongo nuts because it is her favorite. In another occasion Nisa’s older brother would intervene when their parents treat her punitively because Nisa would sometimes disobey what her told her not to do. In conclusion, shostak acquired a lot of knowledge from her stay with the !kung people. She learned that their culture is not really different from that of western civilizations, though their culture is seen as embryonic in terms of technology and medicine. They are thought of as primitive and looked down on because they do no project the image of technologically sound people. Despite all these the !kung civilization is similar to our civilization by the social bonds we share with one another, love, hate, promiscuity, family we love and others we hate to
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