Nissan Cars : The Top Selling Automobile

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Nissan cars are renowned as the top selling automobile in the world due to its low price and great performance. Whether you like fast car or a car for the family, Nissan’s cars exceed at whatever the people need. The company, Nissan Motor Co., create with the world economy and the high demand for more fuel efficient cars. With a wide range of cars from family size cars such as Nissan Pathfinder to a stylist sporty car such as the Nissan 370z, Nissan Motor develop all kind of automobile that will fit anyone style. Some people even consider Nissan futuristic for their electric cars, which require no gasoline for it to drive. With cars like these Nissan really make a name for itself when it comes to innovation. Their cars are top in class at…show more content…
would later then change their name to Nissan Motor Co. in 1933 and was on the forth front of creating new and innovated cars. However, shortly after their start up the country went to war and Nissan Motor was force to develop Military vehicle for the war. During this time, many of Nissan Motor facilities was bombarded by air raid. Afterward, Nissan Motor was facing many challenges such as recovering from the war and constant worker strikes. This would push Nissan Motor Co. back a few years in their development. But through all of it challenges and difficulties, Nissan Motor found a way out of it struggle by joining with others automobile companies around the world such as the license agreement with the United Kingdom’s Austin Motor Company. With this corporation, Nissan Motor was able to expand it influences around the world and provide the company with a marketing advantage. Nissan Motor Co. made their car with one thing in mind and that is to have it as the lowest prices as possible for the economy. During the 1950s Nissan Motor notice the growing trend for low price economy cars. As a result, they decided to create a second family car and started shipping them to a Imported Motor Car Show in America. Although they did not stand a chance against the already established automobile companies that existed in America, but, it did capture the attention of American Automobile consumers. With this success, the company continue to create more low
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