Nissan Motors And Its Impact On The Industrial Era

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Nissan motors was not always the name of Nissan cars it did not receive the name that we know so much about until 1934 . In 1933 "Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was created and took over all operations for manufacturing from the automobile division of Tobata Casting Co., Ltd. Yoshisuke Aikawa is the founder and leader of the Nissan combine. He had goals on producing more that 15,000 units per year. The first Datsun car came across the assembly line in April of 1935 in the Yokohama Plant , in this same year Australia launched vehicle exports. Datsun cars were a symbol of Japan’s fast advances in the industrial era . Nissan history goes back to 1911 which was started by Masujiro Hashimoto in Tokyo 's Azabu-Hiroo district . Hashimoto was…show more content…
Also in 1999 Nissan revealed a restructuring plan known as NRP. Nissan has more strengths than weaknesses which is great for any company . Some strengths include ; successful renault-Nissan alliance ,effective R&D spending resulting into the best-selling electric vehicle in the world, strong presence in the leading and emerging automotive markets , well-managed company’s operations. Some weaknesses are poor marketing and advertising capabilities resulting in poor brand awareness and , massive product recalls in the U.S. In 1999 Renault and Nissan have formed an alliance , this alliance allows both parties to engage in costly R&D activities, invest in the new global projects,negotiate better contracts, enter new markets ,share the design and manufacturing and procurement costs. R&D spending will allow Nissan to produce the best-selling cars. Growing presence in the emerging markets, will allow the company to strengthen its brand and competitive positions in these markets. The CEO of Nissan has been over the company since 1999. Nissan 's revenue has grown 8% annually .The company operating profit has grown by 26.4% and net income by 16% annually. This shows that the company is well organized and is managed very well. Nissan could improve it marketing and advertising capabilities . Nissan spends billions of dollars on advertising but does not gain any presence for the money spent. The U.S. is the largest Nissan’s
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