Nissan Sales and Services Way

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NISSAN SALES & SERVICE WAY BPM case study user [Nissan] 22-Feb-12 Case Study: NISSAN SALES & SERVICE WAY Current Strategy: The PEST Analysis of Indian automobile industry clearly indicates the strategic importance of Indian automobile industry in the global arena. This is one market which can change fortunes for any automobile company including Nissan. Nissan realized this and decided to enter the market on a large scale. Nissan Motor India Private Ltd. (NMIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Nissan Motor Limited Japan. The strategies of the company are currently in the preliminary stage and are being worked upon. Nissan follows a 4G strategy for…show more content…
Then comes the “Test Drive” followed by “Negotiation” for pricing & “Closing” which includes settlement of loan documents. The penultimate stage is the “Moment of Truth” where the actual delivery of the car happens as promised to the customer. At the end “Post Delivery Follow up” leads to maintenance of customer relationship. 3. SERVICES: The customer reaches the service centre at the desired date. He is greeted at the service centre. The customer’s car is taken into possession and the customer proceeds to the job advisor desk. The customer then talks to the job advisor and tells about any problem to the job advisor. The job advisor then asks the customer to fill up the “vehicle initial inspection sheet”. The inspection sheet contains all the details that a customer is required to fill up. Till then the customer car is taken inside the service centre. The customer is taken care of and is asked to wait. The vehicle is then assigned a particular mechanic who fully takes in-charge of the car. He alone services the whole car and works upon its improvement. The mechanic reports to the “floor inspector”. A floor inspector is the one who is the head in-charge of the whole service centre. After the whole car is serviced by the mechanic, he hands over the car to the floor inspector. The floor inspector checks the car for any faults and fills up the “final control check list”. After the checking is done, the floor
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