Nissan’S All-New Titan Strikes A Responsive Chord.. Of

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Nissan’s all-new Titan strikes a responsive chord. Of the six major automakers with a presence in the US, Nissan is easily outpacing the other five. General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and Honda were looking on in envy last year as Nissan posted double-digit sales gains. Even as the market begins to pull back slightly, Nissan continues to outpace the pack. The Nissan Rogue is the biggest contributor to the brand’s success, so much so that nearly 40,000 units were sold in March alone. Through the first quarter this year, Nissan has sold more than 111,000 Rogues, outpacing the Toyota Camry — America’s perennial best-selling car. Not all models sell anywhere near as close to the Rogue, but not a few are contributing records sales.…show more content…
Single and crew cab options are available; there is no extended cab. At least not as of this writing. The Titan single cab is available in two trims: S ($29,580) and SV ($32,460) plus a $1,195 destination charge. Add $3,030 for four-wheel drive. The Titan crew cab is available in five trims: S ($34,780), SV ($37,670), PRO-4X ($45,020), SL ($46,380) and Platinum Reserve ($52,310). The same destination charge applies here, but the four-wheel drive premium ranges from $3,030 to $3,090, depending on the trim. The PRO-4X does, by the way, come in four-wheel drive only. My test model was the four-wheel drive crew cab dressed in SL trim. Nissan was tame with the packages, including offering only the towing convenience package ($360), pushing the final price to $51,015. At this trim, there are three other packages available: chrome ($1,200), Texas ($1,250), and off-road ($400). I should point out the chrome and Texas packages are an either or proposition — both make important changes to the exterior, with one geared toward fanciness along the lines of GMC’s Denali trim and the other advancing a southwestern look commonly available in this segment. The off-road package is, by the way, rolled into the chrome and Texas packages. All told, you could pay as much as $52,265 to drive away in a 2017 Nissan Titan Crew Cab SL 4x4. My test model came with a broad front fascia amplified by LED lights, a massive hood, side

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