Nitric Oxide Lab Report

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Nitric Oxide is essential for penile erection. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is associated with reduced NO synthesis or reduced release in the erectile tissue. The isoforms of NOS, eNOS and nNOS mediate penile erection. These isoforms are regulated by NOS cofactors, calcium, calcium binding protein calmodulin, oxygen and reduced NADPH. After the increase in intercellular calcium production, NO is generated in low amounts. Upon neural depolarization in nNOS containing nerve terminal in penis, neural NO is released. Similarly, upon local neurogenic stimulation, nerves in contact with the endothelium, eNOS is liberated. “Shear Stress,” the mechanical forces of blood flow on the vascular lining also releases NO from eNOS. Further investigation also…show more content…
The blood flow to organs is reduced, one organ may be effected earlier than the other, but eventually all the organs like the heart, eyes, skin and nerves exhibit the signs of reduced blood flow. In order to protect the organ from deterioration the blood flow should be restored back to its normal levels or at least delay the process of decreased blood flow. Nitric Oxide (NO) is the body’s natural vasodilator, but the problem is, in diabetic patients NO is way below the normal levels. So, it is produced 50% less when compared to a healthy individual. One way to effectively solve this problem is by increasing the oxygen levels. Oxygen is critical for NO production. In diabetic patients, not enough oxygen is available to activate NO because of poor circulation to organs such as nerves and skin. In addition to this, the generation of ATP is also diminished and acidosis (high amounts of acid is produced) occurs. NO production diminishes when high amounts of acid are formed. The only other way to produce NO is to use the readily available NO that is stored in RBCs. Anodyne Therapy System (ATS) is a drug free way to accomplish NO production from RBCs. This therapy uses infrared light that penetrates deep into tissues, as a result, NO is made. Once No is made available it helps increase the reduced blood
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