Nitric Oxide On Oxygen Levels

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Nitric Oxide on Hypoxia Levels in Metabolism and Vasoactivity Regulation This review paper is based on research and learned techniques through this semester (Fall 2015), conducted under Dr. Kenneth Kambis in the Adair Hall Facility. Although final approval was authorized in December, there were previous volunteers that were informed under another approval given. In the research project titled: “Individual Variability Upon Acute Exposure to a Normobaric Hypoxic Environment Simulating a Physiologic Altitude Equivalent to 3,500 Meters” it covered and explores hypoxia levels in various ethnic backgrounds at rigorous activity. The concept of metabolism and vasoactivity in certain species systems is highly regulated under laboratory conditions with proper materials, methods, and equipment. Measuring ranging levels of oxygen whether in humans, sheep, rats or mice is essential to understand chemical regulation in the organism’s system. This may be done in vivo or in vitro. In the laboratory, a normobaric hypoxia chamber is utilized to decrease the oxygen content of the chamber atmosphere to a percentage that closely reflects the partial pressure of oxygen in a given hypobaric environment without reducing the atmospheric pressure (Kambis, 2015). Thus the regulation of oxygen in partial pressures is similar to those found in hypobaric atmospheres of up to extreme altitude. Innovation In human research the demographics to consider in a study are age, gender, height, weight, and…
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