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Integrated Case study AN ANALYSIS OF THE CASE: BEIERSDORF AG: EXPANDING NIVEA’S GLOBAL REACH Sasipim Viriyajaroen STUDENT ID: C0346RCRC1013 Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the Masters’ degree to the London School of Commerce, for the degree of Master in Business Administration (MBA) Supervisor: Dr K V Shenai September 2014 ICS: BEIERSDORF AG: EXPANDING NIVEA’S GLOBAL REACH Contents page Acknowledgements Executive Summary Chapter 1: Introduction 1 Chapter 2: Case brief 4 Chapter 3: Problem statement and Analysis 9 3.1 Statement of the problems in the case 3.2 Relevant literature review 3.3…show more content…
Secondly, my friends and colleagues who have made me laugh and smile every time I get stress out. Most importantly, I owe my deepest gratitude to my family especially my mother, who has always been supportive and helpful in getting through these challenges and problems I have faced. Finally, without all these people surrounding me for the past critical three months of my case study, this might have been impossible. I also want to thank everyone else whom I may have forgotten to list down and I am thankful to my opportunities to have finished this case study. Sasipim Viriyajaroen September, 2014 London, UK Executive Summary Background and statement of problems The case is that the analysis of Beiersdorf AG: Expanding NIVEA’s global reach. The company established in Hamburg, Germany, which developing and manufacturing various range of skin care and beauty products. The most successful global brand of the company is “NIVEA” as many of Beiersdorf international’s customers perceived NIVEA as a local brand. The personal and beauty care product industry has a very high competition and rapidly expansion, while Beiersdorf has to compete against many big players in order to gain the market shares and increase its profitability. The business expansion seems to be the unavoidable choice for every company to extend more profitability. Hence, the expansion was decreasing its profitability, while many competitors like L’Oreal,

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