Nivea Marketing Strategy

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No. Particulars Page
1. Introduction 2
2. SWOT analysis 3 2.1 Direct and Indirect Competitors 4
3. Product analysis 5 3.1 Core Benefit 5 3.2 Actual Product 5 3.3 Augmented Product 6
4. Segmentation & Positioning strategy 6 4.1 Market Segmentation and Targeting 6-7 4.2 Market Positioning 8
5. Consumers Behaviour 8-10
6. Recommendation 10-11
7. Conclusion 11-12
8. Appendix 13
9. References 14-15

1. Introduction
In Malaysia the weather is always hot like summer, and therefore most people do experience body odour. A way to reduce body odour is by using deodorant. A deodorant is defined as a substance
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Besides that, the brand focuses mainly on women. Since deodorant are more favourite amongst the women users, therefore the company concentrated more on women. As a result most of the advertisement and promotion targetted mainly on women. The lack of business alliances with others is a significant weakness for NIVEA.
The analysis of the external environment might expose certain novel opportunities for growth and profit. The company could capitalize on short-term future opportunities. When there is a growth in demand for deodorant, this presents an opportunity for the company to grow its sales. On the other hand, with the younger generation being more fashion conscious the brand should take on a more modern look to appeal to this potential consumers. Making this change in the brand image presents a opportunity to the company.
The deodorant market is quite sensitive to the economic cycle as evidenced by the Danish report on its deodorant market. (Deodorants in Denmark 2009) Since the economic environment is currently quite uncertain, the company may have to examine two scenarios on whether the economy is heading for a double dip recession or whether the economy is about to experience growth. The former scenario would be a threat whilst the latter would be an opportunity.
Examining social trends, with the younger generation being more conscious of the
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